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Investment funds, Finances

The Law Firm provides assistance in the area of investment funds, and in particular cooperation with investment fund companies.

  • Advising on the establishment of investment fund companies and closed-end and open-end investment funds, as well as representation in proceedings before the Financial Supervision Commission, in particular in proceedings to obtain a permit to carry out activities by an investment fund company and the establishment of an open-end investment fund, but also in other matters related to the activities of investment funds and investment fund companies;
  • Carrying out comprehensive due diligence audits preceding certain capital deals, which audits comprise legal and tax examination of business firms
  • Providing ongoing legal services to investment fund companies and closed-end and open-end investment funds, including, in particular, drafting all bylaws, organizational structures, agreements with asset managers and transfer agent agreements, and supervising their proper execution;
  • Advising on all cooperation agreements between the investor and the investment fund company, as well as agreements for the contribution of shares of commercial companies as payments for investment certificates of investment funds;
  • Advising on securitization projects.


The team's experience in finance:

  • Representing entities during the negotiation of loan agreements;
  • Advising banks in commercial investment financing processes;
  • Legal assistance in the process of bank mergers;
  • Advising business entities on bond issues;
  • Assisting business entities in the process of restructuring bank debts;
  • Legal assistance to a foreign financial institution in entering the Polish market in the provision of financial services.

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