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Energetics and renewable energy sources

We provide comprehensive legal services to entities operating in both conventional and renewable energy segments. In doing so, we provide services to leading national and international energy entities.
In particular, we focus on assistance with administrative and legal issues accompanying the implementation of energy projects, including in the sphere of environmental conditions and construction law.
  • Legal advice on the implementation of conventional energy investments;
  • • Advising on and conducting a comprehensive investment process for projects involving renewable energy sources (including wind power plants and biogas plants), and in particular advising on the process of implementing wind power projects, starting with greenefield projects, including, among other things, the establishment of a subsidiary, preparation and negotiation of agreements to obtain legal titles to real estate, participation in administrative proceedings related to obtaining decisions on environmental conditions;
  • Advising on the process of acquiring advanced wind power projects, including, in particular, conducting legal due diligence audits of projects and preparing transaction documents for the acquisition of the projects in question;
  • Conducting legal due diligence on energy projects, in particular with regard to the proper application of the Energy Law and accompanying laws;
  • Legal support in the design, negotiation and implementation of contracts for the sale, transmission, distribution of energy, grid connection agreements, as well as trading in emission allowances and property rights from certificates of origin;
  • Restructuring consulting for energy companies;
  • Handling M&A transactions in the energy sector;
  • Expert reports and legal opinions on energy law and its impact on the activities of energy companies;
  • Obtaining licenses for generation, trading, transmission, distribution and storage of fuels and energy;
  • Corporate consulting for energy companies;
  • Designing distribution systems for energy companies, ensuring their compliance with competition law;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, general terms and conditions and regulations for energy companies;
  • Legal assistance in creating a database of contracts used in day-to-day business for energy companies;
  • Advising at the conceptual and legal level to energy companies on the generation and sale of electricity, including from renewable energy sources;
  • Representing clients in energy supply litigation.

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