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Debt collection

The Firm has full and extensive experience in the recovery of payment claims both at the amicable stage and at all stages of litigation and enforcement proceedings. In the field of permanent pre-court and court vindication, we serve, among others, the Polish branch of one of the largest international courier service companies with a global reach, as well as numerous entities in the commercial real estate industry in the field of pursuing claims for payment of receivables from the lease of premises. In recent years, the Firm has conducted a total of approximately 10,000 debt collection cases.
The Firm's team is prepared to conduct security and enforcement proceedings of a high degree of complexity.

  • Developing a system for effective and efficient debt collection, including the preparation of payment security instruments;
  • Conducting pre-court debt collection aimed at concluding agreements on voluntary repayment of debts;
  • Representation in court and enforcement proceedings;
  • Conducting debt collection based on contractual collateral - sureties, bank guarantees, insurance guarantees, established mortgages;
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
  • Conducting enforcement against movables, real estate, bank accounts, receivables and other property rights;
  • Advising on the reservation of ownership of the sold thing as a means of securing claims under grain sales contracts;
  • Advising on the conduct of enforcement proceedings against the debtor in the form of administration of agricultural property;
  • Providing permanent pre-court and court debt collection for the Polish branch of one of the largest international companies providing global courier services;
  • Providing retail debt collection services to one of the largest gas utility companies;
  • Representing entities in the commercial real estate industry in disputes over the payment of lease receivables from premises in shopping centers and office buildings;
  • Representing a British airline company in high-profile bankruptcy proceedings of a Polish airline;
  • Representing a leading agricultural producer in pursuing financial claims against recipients of supplies (agricultural producers), including proceedings to obtain a European enforcement order against a Dutch national.

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