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Bankruptcy law / restructuring

Lawyers of our law firm, when acting as legal advisor for Zarządca Kompensacji Stoczni Gdynia S.A., participated in compensation proceedings from March 2009 , including preparation of subsequent stages of sale of Stocznia Gdynia S.A.'s assets worth over PLN 380 million.

  • Assistance concerning financial restructuring of companies, including debt restructuring and preparation of expenses optimization programmes, including tax expenses
  • Legal and business analyses concerning managing of enterprise in crisis situation
  • Legal and business analyses concerning determination of prerequisites for implementation of insolvency procedures
  • Advisory services concerning enterprise refinancing or change of form of financing, including renegotiation of conditions of concluded contracts
  • Participation in negotiation with creditors
  • Preparation of petitions for liquidation bankruptcy on behalf of creditors or debtors
  • Preparation of petitions for bankruptcy with possibility of compounding with creditors, including also in respect of legal and business analyses of compounding-related suggestions together with feasibility study of them
  • Representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, including in incidental proceedings during bankruptcy proceedings, in particular in proceedings connected with submitting and determining of receivables, proceedings concerning approval of distribution plan, proceedings concerning exemption of objects and receivables from bankruptcy assets and proceedings concerning declaration of bankrupt's acts as ineffective
  • Preparation of restructuring scenarios outside bankruptcy procedure, including negotiation of conditions of debt restructuring
  • Representing management boards of capital companies in proceedings connected with not timely implementation of bankruptcy procedure, including in proceedings connected with determination of civil and criminal liability of members of management boards of capital companies
  • Representing members of bodies of capital companies in cases concerning declaration of a ban on business activity
  • Current legal services for insolvency administrators
  • Preparation of motions and representing creditors in proceedings concerning declaration of a ban on business activity
  • Carrying out transborder bankruptcy proceedings
  • Advisory services concerning selection and establishing of security in the case of contracting party's potential insolvency
  • Advisory services concerning purchase of property from entities declared bankrupt.

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